Workshop on Research Methodology in Legal Research


    Workshop on Research Methodology

    The theme of the workshop was -Research Methodology in Legal Research. Prof. K. Shrinivas Rao, , Former Dean, Faculty of Law, Osmania University Hyderabad, (at present Visiting Professor Pendekanti Law College Hyderabad) India was the resource person.

    The lecture began with an introduction of how and why should research be conducted in Law and what is the significance of it. He gave umpteen examples about the areas in which research can be conducted in the Law domain. He said that research is conducted to identify new areas of research and relate them to the society, develop inquisitiveness, help progress and development. He said that the steps in conducting legal research is similar to social science research but the analysis and conclusions should be implementation oriented as Law is an application. The legal research depends on _Ratio Decidendi‘ means reason/rationale and _Obiter Dicta‘ means expression of opinion. He thus elaborated on the basic steps of research and gave contemporary examples for each step.

    The programme concluded with felicitating the guest by the Deputy Director, Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Prageetha G Raju.