Digital India Week

The cell, motivated by the novel initiative by our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, decided to celebrate the ‘Digital India Week’ in the College. As a part of this, many exciting event were conducted by the cell to educate the masses and the students of the college about the concept of ‘DIGITALISATION’ in India.

The day-to-day report of programme is as follows:


The “Digital India Week” was inaugurated and officially declared as ‘Open’ on 31st of August by our Director Dr. M. I. Baig. He encouraged the students to adopt digitalisation in a healthy and greener way. He also encouraged them to spread the message that our beloved Prime Minister envisioned when he started this programme. He asked them to use the electronic media like Facebook, WatsApp, Twitter etc to spread the message and benefits of digitalisation among the people. The students were provided with art and craft materials and were encouraged to make posters depicting ‘Digital India Week’. The students made many posters and decorated the college premises beautifully by sticking them on the walls outside the classes.

The quiz consisted of 25 questions and a time limit of 15 minutes. The participants had to log on to the college website, i.e., www.slsh.edu.in and register for the quiz. Once they had registered, they could give the quiz anytime from 4 p.m. of 31st August to 4 p.m. of 1st September. The winners of the Quiz are as follows:

I Prize: Ms. AmrutaKarkhanis
II Prize:Mr. SagarShete
III Prize:Mr. NalinVerma

1st September

To commemorate the Digital India Week, an initiative our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi started, we the members of Website, Media and PR Cell at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad celebrated the same by organizing atheme making competition. The theme making competition was named as “Mapping For Digital India”. Basically, it was an application developing competition held in line with the purpose of organizing it. Participants were asked to develop an app which they think would cater to the digitalization of our country. Altogether, there were 18 teams who showed their utmost dedication and creativity to develop applications which would benefit the entire community.

The rules of the competition were quite simple and the evaluation criteria was based on the innovativeness, creativity and the utility of the app. All the participants lived up to the expectation. Even though it was very difficult to choose a winner but finally we managed to select them. The winners were as follows:

I Prize:Himani Patel, Aryaman Singh, Vaishnavi Agarwal, Tammanna B.
II Prize:RajatRatna, Souryan Bhattacharya.
III Prize:DoyelBasu, Kousini Gupta, Yashodhara Roy.

2nd September

The Digital India week was held in our college from 31 August 2015 to 5 September 2015. The Website, Media & PR Cell conducted a‘Poster Making Competition’ on 2 September 2015 as a part of the Digital India Week. The competition was basically depicting the ‘DIGITALISATION’ in India on posters.

9 groups of enthusiastic students participated in the competition. The member limit for each team was 5. The students got to know more about the digitalization and the impact of Internet apart from the use of social networking sites and other messaging platforms like WhatsApp hike etc. They honed in on their artistic skills and made posters that were unimaginably beautiful and at the same time delivered the message of ‘Digitalization’ perfectly. The campus was beautifully decorated with the posters made by the participants and we even panned touse them in the rally which was to be conducted on 4th September 2015.

The poster making competition was tough to judge and the students who were participating in the competition were enthusiastic about the concept of ‘Digital India’ and each one of the groups had a message to deliver. A message that got through to a lot of people. Looking at the dexterity of the participants, it was really difficult for the judges to decide the winner.But, our learned judges were very skilled and were successful in selecting the sole winner whose poster stood out among the rest.

The winner was Winner: Akshay, Soumya, Siddhant, Tameem, Amrita.

3rd September

On 3rd September 2015, we, the students of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad conducted a Street Play as a part of Digital India Week. Senior students of 2014-19 batch along with the students of 2015-20 batch took part in the street play and displayed their talent. The street play was basically an awareness program regarding Digital India Scheme that was started by our H’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi on 01st July 2015. In the play we tried to depict how things are changing rapidly in the world. How rapidly digitalization is taking place. The different themes for the street play were Digitalization in Television, Education, Banking and Communication. In the television theme, we showed that earlier there was only one television and numbers of viewers were more.

There was only one channel and when a movie was telecasted, people get excited as that was the only source of entertainment at that time. If the movie stops in the middle due to some problem, basically because of the antenna problem, people gets annoyed and starts hitting the television. In those days, technology was not that much advanced. Then further in the modern era we showed how chaos takes place for the control of the remote to watch television. Grandfather wants to watch news and children want to watch cartoon and on the other side teenager want to listen to the songs. Through this we can see the variety of channels and the taste of people according to their generation. Since the number of channels is more, we get to see all the shows and stuffs that are happening all over the world.

4th September

On 4th September 2015 Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad conducted a rally as a part of Digital India Week. The rally was conducted in the nearby village, viz. Mamidipally. All the students of SLS, Hyderabad witnessed their presence in the rally along with the faculty members, our Director Dr. M. I. Baig and our Deputy Director Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari. It was basically an awareness program in which we tried to make people (village people) aware about the different-different schemes that are being present in the Digital India Program. We distributed brochures, pamphlets and fliers among the people which was printed in their local language i.e., Telugu.

The programme started with the welcome of the Mahabubnagar District Collector and also District Magistrate, Dr. T. K. Sreedevi. On the same day we inaugurated our ‘Digital Aid Center’ with an aim to help the local villagers in filling up the forms or providing help by giving information of the different schemes that are being given in the Digital India Program. Digital Aid Centre will be active every weekend. Dr. T. K. Sreedevi inaugurated the Digital Aid Centre followed by her felicitation ceremony and a speech delivered by her. Just after that the rally started from our college premises to the village.

The place in the village where the program was conducted was 2 kilometres far away from our college so the students and the faculty walked towards the village with two banners and placards in hand. On the way we distributed the brochures and fliers to the villagers and told them about Digital India. Then we reached a place where a stage was set. The Gram Sarpanch arranged a small program for us and there our senior-most faculty member Dr. Shankar Rao Sir held the mic to address the villagers as he is a localite and knows Telugu language so it became easy for the villagers to understand what we were trying to convey through this awareness programme. Later on refreshments were distributed among the villagers and the programme came to an end.

5th September

We ended the celebration of ‘Digital Week’ on 5th September. We concluded the celebration on a high note; the occasion was graced by multiple personalities; Justice P. S. Narayana, the Chairman of the Delhi Water Tribunal, Dr. Harold D’Costa, an esteemed lawyer with expertise in Cyber Security, Harshvardhan Reddy, a youth activist and Dr. Purshottam Reddy, graced the occasion and felicitated the prize winners of the competitions that were conducted throughout the week. Dr. Harold D’Costa delivered a lecture on ‘Cyber Security & Hygiene’ and educated the audience as to how to secure their personal data. 5th September also being the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day, the teachers were awarded with various awards for their dedication.

The ‘Digital India Week’ came to an end and the programme ended on a successful note. Being the first programme to be organized by our college on such a large scale, it was successful in achieving its motives. It was successful in educating the masses about the benefit of digitalization and managed to promote the idea of ‘digitalisation’ in the day-to-day life of the common man. The celebration, also created awareness among us regarding the greater and more judicious use of the internet. It was a small step taken by the students of our college but it was important as it heralded the digital era in India.