Alumni Interaction

  • Event At Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad Alumni Address on Impact of SLS, Pune on our Lives

  • Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad invited Mr. Raghav Chakravarty and Mr. Sachin Ravi, founding members of Walnut Knowldege Solutions Ltd. (Bengaluru) and alumni of Symbiosis Law School, Pune for ‘Alumni-Student Interaction’ on 19 January 2015 between 11.am to 12.00 noon. The programme started with the felicitation of Mr. Raghav Chakravarty and Mr. Sachin Ravi, followed by welcome address by Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari, Deputy Director, SLS, Hyderabad. Dr. Singh in his welcome address mentioned that it’s a matter of proud for every alumnus to be invited to the institute back as a guest to share their success story and inspire new young minds.

    Mr. Raghav Chakravarty, firstly, shared his achievements of life and contribution of Symbiosis Law School, Pune in his developmental graph. He highlighted the amount of opportunities made available to the student by SLS, Pune and how he has made use of it to reach this height. He mentioned about high academic standards and scope for creativity at Symbiosis. He encouraged students to become entrepreneur and stated that beginning of a good career starts from college itself. He shared the importance of taking part in the college activities for the holistic development. He gave entire credit of his success to SLS, Pune.

    Mr. Sachin Ravi carried on the interactive discussion by describing his journey from Bangalore, his hometown to Pune. He talked about the wide diversity they dealt with, events they participated in and incidences they had when landed in Pune for the first time. They mentioned about anxieties faced by their families so as to send them in an alien environment. Further they told students, how happily quit their jobs to do just what made them happy.

    Mr. Chakravarty talked about importance of confidence, resilience and keeping one’s driving force active to achieve success. Both emphasised on the giant role of Symbhav in shaping their leadership, teamwork and having belief in themselves to go to greater heights. Mr. Sachin Ravi also suggested budding lawyers to make decisions for themselves, take responsibilities for what they do and set up a legacy.

    The students were greatly enlightened by the words of both alumni when they gave advice on mapping their five years at SLS Hyderabad. They encouraged students to develop a positive attitude towards learning and keep their minds open to diversity and ideas. Also, Mr. Sachin Ravi emphasized upon importance of focussing on fundamentals in learning law, academic discipline, time management and mooting experience. Finally, they thanked Symbiosis Law School Pune for building their confidence, good character and most importantly, for imparting valuable knowledge.

    Dr. Singh proposed vote of thanks and Ms. Aishwarya B, a student of I BBA LL.B compared the programme.