Assistant Professor

M.V. Chandramathi is associated with the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad since 2014. She has a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the Osmania University, L.L.B degree from Sri Krishna Deva Raya University, L.L.M International Law from Osmania University. She is pursuing her Ph.D from the NALSAR University. She has begun her career as an Advocate since 1992, and later took to teaching in P.R.R. Law College, Ameerpet Hyderabad in 2001, and joined Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad in the year 2005 and continued till 2014.


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National Journals

  • MV Chandramathi  "Overview of Appointment of Judges" a two day national seminar on Constitutional Development Through Judicial Process ,21st September 2006 organized by Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad.

  • M.V.Chandramathi “Separation of Powers : Doctrine and Practice”, a two day national seminar on Judiciary in India-- Constitutional Perspectives 2008 organized by Osmania University, graduates association, Hyderabad

  • Chandramathi, MV, “Challenges to reasonable restrictions and unreasonable speech in a democratic country”, a two day national seminar on expanding contours of freedom of expression in India – constitutional and legal perspectives, 11 October, 2015, organized by Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad.

  • M.V.Chandramathi Asst professor at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad presented a paper on 8th March 2016 on “Human Rights Challenges Faced By Women In Accessing Justice Against Obstetric Violence, A Two Day National Seminar on “Criminal Justice System in India—Recent Trends” on 8th and 9th March 2016 organised by Osmania Law College.

International Journals

  • MV Chandramathi, “Anti-Dumping Laws and Indian Economic Policy”, Indian Journal of Socio Legal Studies .ISSN 2320–8562.Vol-4(1) Jan-June 2015. An International Refereed Journal

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  • “Economic Foundations Of International Trade In The Context Of WTO” By M.V. Chandramathi Published in International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Research (IJECR) ISSN(P): 2250-0006; ISSN(E): 2319-4472 Vol. 6, Issue 3, Jun 2016, 35-44 Impact Factor(Jcc) (2015): 4.5976; Index Copernicus Value (ICV) - (2016): 6.1; Vol - 6, Issue - 3; Edition: Jun 2016 "

  • “Cyber Security And Online Shopping Perceptive Security Of Flexible And Cashless Transactions”, by M.V. Chandramathi, Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India & B. Shreyas Gupta, Gitam Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India had been reviewed by the board and published in International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR) ISSN (ONLINE): 2249-7943; ISSN (PRINT): 2249-6831; Impact Factor(Jcc) (2016): 7.1293; Index Copernicus Value (Icv) - (2016): 6.1; Naas Rating: 3.63; Vol - 6, Issue - 4; Edition: Aug 2016 "