Associate Professor

Dr. Prageetha G Raju pursued her PhD (2005) from Osmania University (Topic Titled: “Empowerment of Women through Microenterprise Development – A Study of Rangareddy District in Andhra Pradesh”) with UGC-NET/JRF; Pursued MBA (1995) from Osmania University with specialization in Human Resource Management; FIRST Division. She possesses Certificate of Proficiency in FRENCH from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (EFLU), Hyderabad; DISTINCTION and a Certificate in PCMM from Quality Assurance India

She worked as Independent Research Consultant at United Nations Development Programme, and served as Associate Professor and Head of Department at IBS Hyderabad and at Symbiosis Center for Management and HRD, Pune.

Workshop/FDP Attended

  • Two days orientation program on ‘Case write-shop methodology’ at United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi, 2014
  • Two day program on ‘Business Analytics’ at IBS Hyderabad in 2013
  • One day refresher course on “Global HRM” at IBS Hyderabad in 2012
  • Half day program on ‘compensation management’ by GlaxoSmithKline at SCMHRD, Pune campus in 2011
  • Half day program on Process Efficiency – Multifunctional perspectives by University of South Australia, at IBS Hyderabad in 2010
  • One day Program on ‘competency management’ by a professor from Berkeley University, USA, at IBS Hyderabad in 2009
  • One day program on ‘HR Scorecard’ by a Professor from University of Toledo, USA at IBS Hyderabad 2009
  • Certificate in ‘PCMM’ from Quality Assurance India, Mumbai, in 2008
  • One week Orientation program on ‘Case Based Teaching for Business Management Courses’ at IBS Hyderabad in 2009
  • Refresher program on ‘active learning in management’, conducted by JNTU, Hyderabad in 2007
  • One Week orientation program on ‘case analysis’ by Department of Business management, Osmania University, in 1998


  • Delivered a lecture on “fostering intrapreneurship in organizations” at National HRD Network, in 2007
  • Delivered a lecture on ‘managing business complexity’ at IPE Hyderabad
  • Institutional Development through Change Management for middle level Managers at Suven Life systems, Hyderabad in 2015
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Family and Society for retiring employees at DLRL, Hyderabad in 2015
  • Learning Organization for Supervisors of Mishra Dhatu Nigam (MIDHANI), a Public Sector Unit, Hyderabad 2013
  • Stress Management for Supervisors of Mishra Dhatu Nigam (MIDHANI), a Public Sector Unit, Hyderabad, 2013
  • Disciplinary Procedures for supervisors of IGMINT, at Hyderabad, 2013
  • HR Problems on the shop floor for Engineers of Ordnance Factory, 2012
  • Personal Effectiveness for Middle level managers of APSRTC, 2012
  • Case Writing in Management workshop for faculty members and research scholars, 20111
  • Group Dynamics” for Project Coordinators of India HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2008. (in two phases)
  • “What is your Attribution Style?” for Team Leaders at Proedge Solutions, 2008
  • In-house MDP on Performance Management for working management, 2008,.
  • In-house MDP on Compensation Management for working Managers 2008
  • “Measuring Work Group Autonomy” at Core Technologies, 2007.
  • “Work Motivation” for Employees of Rajiv Gandhi Ground Water Research Institute, 2007
  • “Transactional Styles Inventory (Nurses)” at Image Hospital, 2006.
  • Conflict Management and Leadership Training at Astrix Laboratories, 2005
  • Workshop on “Decision Making Style” at ALEAP, 2004
  • “Using Attribution Theory to Resolve Performance Problems” at Proedge Solutions, 2004.
  • ‘Communication Skills for Chemists’, at Astrix Laboratories, Hyderabad, 2002.
  • “Self-Monitoring Tendencies” for Lecturers of Government Degree College at Nalgonda, 2001
  • Trained Postmen at AP Postal Department on “Communication Skills, 2000”.
  • “Communication Skills,” for Sales Representatives of Rajitha Chemicals Limited, Hyderabad in 2000
  • Half day presentation on “What to specialize in” at all Management Colleges in Hyderabad, 1999


  • “Role of private sector in skills development in India – An analysis of cases”, New Delhi (July to December 2014) at UNDP, Delhi
  • Developed course content, course lessons, and course evaluation for “Graduate Program in Management Consulting” for Master Mentors Advisory Pvt Limited as Independent Consultant
  • Organizational Improvement Program for Tribal Welfare Department using Action Research models and lectures
  • Developed self-help groups and built capacities for entrepreneurship among maid servants in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
  • Designed “Performance Appraisal” formats for Speck Systems in Hyderabad.
  • Designed “Training Feedback Forms”, “Training Evaluation Formats” and “Aligned HR processes” for Speck Systems in Hyderabad.
  • Conducted OD Interventions and HR Audit at Middle level Management for Ned Energy Private Limited in Hyderabad.?
  • Conducted Job Analysis and developed Job descriptions for MIC Electronics.
  • Generated Competency based Job description for Apollo Hospitals.
  • Team Building in a modestly-sized Engineering and Management College
  • Training Need Analysis at Yashoda Hospitals.
  • Designed and Developed Soft skills training modules for various organizations.
  • OD program to improve Mill Safety in BR Rolling Mills, Hyderabad.
  • Study conducted on Total Employee Satisfaction at Nagarjuna Fertilizers.
  • Study conducted on Assessment of Performance Appraisal System vis-à-vis Performance Indicators at BHEL”.
  • Study conducted on Conflict Management at Central Warehousing Corporation, Hyderabad.
  • Study on Leadership Style in Apollo Hospitals with reference to Managerial Grid
  • Research on Design of HR Dept., in AP Postal Department, Hyderabad.
  • Research on Design of HR Dept., in AP Postal Department, Hyderabad.
  • Study on Performance Management System – An Evaluation in Voltas Limited, Hyderabad.
  • Designed a HR Department for AP postal department.
  • Study on Effectiveness of Training in Sanghi Industries, Hyderabad.
  • Study on Competence Mapping at Ensolvia Infotech Limited, Hyderabad
  • Designed a Recruitment Test for Scorelogix IQmatics India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
  • Training needs analysis for Goa Shipyard Limited
  • Developing generic competencies for middle level managers at an Indian BPO
  • Developing knowledge networks in a pharmaceutical company
  • A framework for HR Architecture in a training firm
  • Workers Participation in Management for workmen of Government Mint

International (Books under Progress & Review)

  • Human Resource Management- A Structured and a Competency based Guide under Review with Cambridge Publication
  • Fundamentals of Management Consulting – A Practitioner’s guide – A Monograph under review with SAGE Publishing

National (Book Chapters)

  • “Psychology of Entrepreneurs with reference to Entrepreneurial traits” in Entrepreneurship – Issues and Challenges, Edited by Dr. P. Jyothi, Allied Publishers, 2007.
  • “Behavior Modification – An Approach to curtail Bozo Explosion” in Human Resources Management in India – Issues and Initiatives, Edited by Dr. V. Sita, New Century Publications, 2008
  • “Preparing a Lecture – A Perspective” in Education in India, Vol. VI, Edited by Shubha Tiwari, Atlantic, 2010, xvi, 384 p,

Publications - Journals

  • “Analyzing Social Networks for mapping knowledge flows: A case of pharmaceutical company in India” Journal of Knowledge Management & E-Learning (Indexed by SCOPUS) 6(1), March 2014, 49-65pp.
  • “Impact of longer usage of lean manufacturing system (Toyotism) on employment outcomes – a study in garment manufacturing industries in India” in International Journal of Services and Operations Management (Indexed by SCOPUS) Vol. 18 No. 3, 2014, 305 – 320 pp
  • "Impact of Emotional Labor on Organizational Role Stress – A Study in the Services Sector in India" (co-authored) in Procedia Economics and Finance Volume 11, 2014, 110-122 pp
  • “Handling Academic Stress using religious coping methods – a thematic analysis on students of business management in India”, in Stress Management Professional – An International Journal, Vol. 1(1) 2013, July-December, 67-82 pp (full paper presented in conference. Refer Conference section)
  • A library case titled, “Sharing the Challenge – An Experiment with Joint CEO Structure –A Case of WIPRO technologies in Asian Journal of Management Cases (SAGE Publication) 9.1, 2011, pp 23-32.
  • A field case titled, “Shift from lecture mode of teaching to 100% case centred learning - an experiment and experience in a premiere B- school in India – A Narrative “ in International Journal of Education Research and Technology, June, 2011, pp 1-7
  • A field case titled, “From Poverty to Prosperity – A case of social entrepreneurship in an Indian Village” International Journal of Rural Studies, Vol. 16(1), April, 2009, pp 1-6.
  • A case titled, “Decision on ‘Ban of work from home’ @ Yahoo – Impact and Perspectives” (under review in AJMC, Sage)
  • (Book Review), “India Arriving: How This Economic Powerhouse is Redefining Global Business” in South Asian Journal of Management, 16.4, Oct-Dec, 2009.
  • (Book Review), “Jalebi Management” in South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 18(4) 2011
  • (Book Review, “HR” in Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, EMERALD, Vol 4(1) 2013.
  • (Book Review), “Reverse Innovation-Create far from home win everywhere” in Competitiveness Review, EMERALD Vol. 23 94), 2013.
  • (Book Review), “Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Heath and Heath in South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 36, (3) pp 54


  • “Personality and Learning Styles- Lessons for Indian corporate trainers” in Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 49, No. 4, April 2014, 734-750.
  • “Marketing Hollywood films (dubbed and original) in India: A case of planning and executing marketing strategy” in Indian Journal of Marketing (a Cabell’s Journal), April – June, Vol. 41 (4) 2011.
  • “A Malmquist DEA approach on Intellectual Capital Efficiency Utilization of Selected Indian Firms" (co-authored) in Journal of Management and Change, Vol. 15 No. 1 issue, 2011.
  • “Developing Generic Competency Profiles for Middle Level Managers across Functional Areas– A Field Case Study in an Indian BPO” in Prabandhan Vol. 4 No. 10, Oct, 2011, pp 42-55.
  • “A case study on the acquisition of UBS India Service Centre by Cognizant – Issues and Concerns” in Drishtikon, September 2011
  • “Determining the Learning Styles of Management Students in India Using Honey & Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire in Bharatiya Vidyapeeth’s Journal of Management Research Vol 3(1), April 2011
  • “Analyzing the potential of E-broking vis-à-vis preference of the investors in choosing a brokerage firm – A study in Hyderabad” in Indian Journal of Finance (a Cabell’s Journal) Vol. 3(6), June, 2009.
  • “Emotional Intelligence: Implications for Academicians” in Indian Journal for Training and Development Vol. 38 (1), Jan – Mar, 2008, pp 45-54.
  • “Customer Satisfaction towards Photocopiers wrt Xerox” in Indian Journal of Marketing ((a Cabell’s Journal), in Vol. xxxviii No. 5, May, 2008.
  • “Assessment of confidential report method as a Performance Appraisal System – A study of Managerial and Non-managerial Responses” in ABHIGYAN (a Cabell’s Journal), Vol. XVI No.1 & 2, Jan-June, 1998, pp 35-41.

Publications (International/National)
Articles in Magazines/Newspapers/Web Articles

  • Published a case titled, “Rising during crisis: A leader’s ability at test”, in Human Capital, May, 2015
  • Published a case titled, “Have I been harassed or have I harassed”? in Human Capital, September 2014.
  • Published a case titled, “What gets measured gets managed” in Human Capital, March 2013
  • Published a case titled, “The other side of growth” in Human Capital, September 2013
  • Published a case titled, “The Hung Parliament” in Human Capital, October 2012.
  • Published a case titled, “Employee Discipline – A toss up!” Human Capital, May, 2011
  • Published a case titled, “Need for Assessment Center” in Human Capital, November, 2011
  • Published a case titled, “They knocked away my star employee” in The Business Enterprise, August, 2011.
  • Published a case titled, “New wine in old bottle??” in Human Capital, September, 2010.
  • Published “Understanding the influence of seasonality on Indian stock market” in Investment Advice, Vol. xxxxii, No. 2 issue, September, 2008
  • Published, “Preparing for a Lecture – A Perspective” in University News, Vol. 45 (46), 12-18 Nov., 2007.
  • Published, “Stratanalyphobia – the cause of business failure?” in National HRD Network Newsletter, Vol. 23, Issue 4, July 2007
  • Published, “Fostering Intrapreneurship in Organizations” in Darpan, an in-house magazine of Matrix Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. in April, 2007
  • Published, “Cheating Behavior among students – A Perspective” in University News, Vol. 47, No. 37 issue, 2001
  • Published, “Active Learning in Management – A Practical Approach” in University News, Vol.37, No. 51 issue, 1999, 12-15pp

CASES DEVELOPED for IBS Case Development Center in may,2009

  • Organizational Communication Blunders
  • Differing Perceptions @ Hi-Style Limited
  • Personality – Who is responsible?
  • Indiscipline at Hostel

Email: prageetha.raju@slsh.edu.in

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